Size of your form.      8.5"x11.5" and 9"x11" include a pre-cut lineNumber of 2-Part Forms to OrderPrice
8.5" x 11"100---
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25 Forms per book50 Forms per book50 Glued-Form-Pad
Not Needed
25 Forms per book
50 Forms per book
50 Glued-Form-Pad
  • Microperforation

Microperforation is usually required by clients when the form is going to be held by a clip or in a binder and one of the copies has to be kept for records purposes in the right order.

Microperforation makes it easy to tear away one of the sheets while keeping a copy in a secure place.

The microperforation is done on the 8.5x11" sheets. If you choose 8.5"x11.5", those sheets do already have a perforation as part of the size. 

The same happens with 9"x11" size

  • Hole Drilling

When you order us to drill holes, we will space them addequately so that they fit a regular 3-ring binder.

Perf Left: 1/2 inch from leftPerf Top: 1/2 inch from topPerf + Holes (3)Hole Drilling
No Micro-perforation Necessary
Perf Left: 1/2 inch from left
Perf Top: 1/2 inch from top
Perf + Holes (3)
Hole Drilling

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