Do You Want Your Restaurant To Sell More?

Here Is How!

Advertise and promote your restaurant to your local community by sending menus by mail. Take orders by phone or online. Repeat the cycle.

Are you a restaurant owner or manager? Are you asking yourself any of the following questions?

  • How can I increase food sales in my restaurant?
  • I want my restaurant to be busier during longer hours during the day

When those questions are in your mind, different people will have a different view of what to do next. In our professional experience, promoting your restaurant and food services that you offer by sending menus by mail is one of the more effective ones.

When you send individual menus using the Every Door Direct Mail ® program from the United Postal Services, you are being able to distribute one menu to every single home or business within a certain area, pay the lowest possible postage rate and avoid the need to have a mailing list. You read it correctly. All you have to care about when growing your business and sending menus out is just to have your menu printed, have the phones and websites ready to take additional orders:

  • Question: Is Every Door Direct Mailing ® profitable for restaurants: In other words, as a restaurant owner, do I get a good return on investment (ROI) for my direct mailing campaign? :
    Answer: In our experience, having processed millions of pieces for restaurant success, most of the restaurants have found that mailing individual menus to prospects in a regular basis is very effective. Indeed, it is much more effective than advertising in local magazines where the cost per piece sent is lower, but the response is so much poor.
  • Question: Are some campaigns that are more successful than others?:
    Answer: Of course! A card card-body designed menu, rich in images, offering the right incentives for the clients to take action is key. The menu itself is just one of the tools used to increase sales. It is the key to generate awareness. Your online presence, online reviews and the clients experience should be good if you expect the clients to be open to responding to future advertising from your restaurant.
  • Question: Do I need to buy a permit-indicia from the post office?:
    Answer: No you don’t. There is an indicia that has to be imprinted but there is no charge or specific registrations that you must follow. There are rules to the program that have to be followed. Our team can guide you in the logistics. If you hire our graphic design services we will create a design that complies with the rules.
  • Question: What size of a menu qualifies for the program?:
    Answer: We offer a number of sizes and provide templates that will help you design your menus if you have the capability of doing so. We offer an online designer that you are welcome to use. Please check the available sizes on our tool. The key is that whatever piece you are using should qualify as a flat and not a letter. There is a resource that talks about all of the necessary information (LINK A EDDM)

So what do I do next?
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