Small Size Posters are perfect for certain occacions.

Artwork: You can upload your own designs or have fun and be creative with our online design tool

Most of the orders  for  small posters are used as follows:

Size 11"x17":  These posters are usually used indoors at workplaces and schools.

Size: 13"x19": These posters will usually be displayed at businesses, either on their front window on on a bulletin board inside.
This size is usually requested when the posters are announcing an event, such as  a concert at a school, or a church.
It is perfect for announcements of celebrations at parks such as the ones happening on the 4th of July

Size 13"x26":  Time for celebration! These posters are perfect for all sorts of happy events. You can customize these for birthday celebrations, anniversaries, celebrate dad or mom!  Your pet has been around you for a full year! It's time to celebrate! Customize and order right from this platform in minutes

When you order smaller sizes
(when compared to large format posters) you get:

  • Lower cost than prints made on large format printers
  • Faster turnaround
  • Bright colors still no fading
  • Options of substrates on which to print your posters

Our team will be glad to give you advice on the option that, based on our experience, we think will work the best for your event. Do not hesitate to chat with us, send an email or call us at 1-877-421-0668