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 Size: A2 envelopes(4-3/8" x 5-3/4") are light, square and have a rectangular flap.

When to use A2 envelopes: This envelope is ideal for invitations, greeting cards, thank you cards and is elegant when you send letters. 

This is the smaller version within the "A" series of envelopes so it can also be used as RSVP, and contain a card as big as 4-1/4" x 5-1/2". The card could either be a flat or a fold-over card.

Sealing: The way to activate the sealing of this envelope is by  means of moisture. A humid, non-dripping cotton pad is  the ideal way of applying the moisture on the adhesive blue inside the flap of the envelope.

Customization:  We can print either a "static" image and information in all of your envelopes, or personalize each of them with data provided. When sending letters or invitations, ColorCopiesUSA can print each name and each address on the front of the envelopes.

This is a list of all of the available "A" envelopes for your information.

Card Size - single or foldedFits EnvelopeEnvelope Size 
4-1/4  x 5-1/2A2 (invitation)4-3/8 x 5-3/4 
4-1/2  x 6-1/4A64-3/4 x 6-1/2 
5 x 7A75-1/4 x 7-1/4 
5-1/2 x 8-1/2A95-3/4 x 8-3/4 
5-3/4 x 9-1/4A106 x 9-1/2 



The minimum size of envelope that can be maild is 3.5"x 5"


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