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A7 envelopes are extremely popular because of many reasons, but mainly because they present themselves in a comfortable size that is convenient for the messages and inserts that it can take.

SIZE: This envelope's size is 5-1/4" x 7-1/4" with the flap opening on the "long" side of the envelope.

INSERTS: You can insert a piece that is up to 5"x7" when folded.
Pictures usually printed in the size of 5"x7", therefore this envelope is perfect to share family memories in the form of printed photos.

A6 and A2 envelopes fit inside this A7  envelope. Any of those other ones is perfect when a return-reply envelope must be mailed with the invitation or the documents.

There are flat panels cards that have a size of 5"x7".
A folding invitation can fit as well into this envelope. We start with a sheet that is 7" wide by 10" tall, and fold it down to 5"x7". This format allows for a logo to be printed on the front of the card and for a message inside.

THANK YOU CARDS: This format is perfect for "Thank you" cards. Companies will often ask for there logo and their main corporate message imprinted on the front, and  a simple pre-printed message inside, leaving enough room for a handwritten message.

example of a 5 x 7 invitation that fits into A7 envelopes

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