Our custom manufactered notepads are offered in many sizes to address every requirement in business or academic environments.

We offer three different grades of paper that you can choose from.


We print the notepads in our digital presses, which produce bright and vibrant colors on every page and every design.

You can cofigure and customize the design of your notepads either using one of our starter templates for free, or you can upload your print-ready printing files.

Our team at ColorCopiesUSA is a phone call away when you need us.



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We suggest that you select among these 3 options. 

  • 20 Lbs Copy paper is the most common paper.  Brightness is very high: 98 degrees
  • 24 Lbs Offset paper has less see-through and is a bit heavier
  • 28 Lbs Offset paper is even thicker. This is suggested for occasions when besides the writing paper itself, the presentation needs a boost.

Should you need your notepads made with a different selection of paper, be so kind as to request a  custom estimate

We encourage you to be creative and use as many colors as desired.

Pictures: Allowed!

Logos: Allowed!

Just keep in mind that in order to keep your cost down, we print with digital presses. CMYK colors are used to create the Full Color experience. No PMS (Pantone Matching System) colors will be used.

PMS colors will be automatically converted by our software to as-close-as-possible comparables. Your PMS won't print exactly as in a PMS book.

Should you be concerned about being able to reproduce a specific Pantone color, please submit a question, or a request for a printed sample before placing your order.  We can optimize our system to reproduce a specific PMS color, as long as the file contains it and that we do a special run, but that has to be coordinated.

Lack of match with PMS colors is not a reason for rejection of a job.

You are always welcome to give us a call at 1-877-421-0668
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The sheets of your notepad are glued and sit on top of a sheet that protects the bottom sheet of the notepad, and prvides some rigidity to the block.

The options for the back of pad are as follows:

1 - Manila Tag which  provides protection but not  too much rigidity.

2 - 38pt chipboard that makes the notepads sit on a rigid base.

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Rush: 2 Business Days
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