Expandable Two Pocket Folders

This extra versatile model of folder has a 1/2" (half an inch) thick spin, with expandable pokets for maximum capacity.

The thicker the paper, the most durable this folder is.

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There are 3 suggestions in this space. More options are possible, but we kindly ask you to check with us if your selection is not available.

#1 - 14pt C1S is a cover stock that is coated on the outside, and is uncoated inside. The look and feel of the printing is slightly different between both sides. 

#2 - A thicker 16pt which is our choice for this expandable presentation folder.

#3 - 12pt C2S is a slightly thinner cardstock, when compared to 14pt, but it is coated on both sides, which provides smooth printing on both sides.

Make your selection based on your project.

We are available to help you make a decision. Just give us a call. We operate Eastern Time hours, 1-877-421-0668

Please select if you require any slits for the business cards.

You can choose for either horizontal (landscape) business cards, or vertical (portrait) arrangement.

You can decide to have slits on both pockets, or just one, either the right or the left pocket.

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