What is a Gian Check? What do you use it for?

They look like a real check, but the size is that of a large format piece.
It contains the information that is typically included  in a check, but you can't cash it. This is a piece that represents the real monetary transaction that occurs under regular local rules.

"Giant Checks represent a gesture and a public statement." 

Who uses giant checks?

 - A company, or a community organization or a public affairs institution presenting a giant check to another individual or organization  shares a strong message of commitment, alignment and support to a certain cause.

- Non profit organizations usually present recepients of support with one of this giant checks. The donors to these organizations see their contributions used in a good cause and the  "instant Kodak" moment can draw a ton of public recognition and free publicity for who is presenting the check.

- Corporations and companies recogniging teams or specific employees

- Award ceremonies to honor recepients of monetary recognition 

- Giant Checks represent a gesture and a public statement. can be made public and draw interest to the causes.


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