Landscape Catalogs 8.5x11  with an open size of 22"x8.5"


5.5"x8.5" with an open size of 17"x5.5"

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What do we really need to know? You are asked to determine the types of stock that will be used to produce your booklet.

Self Cover Booklets : Every sheet of paper in the booklet prints on the the same stock. 

  • The default option for this product is 100# gloss text. Thios means that the sheet on which the covers will print will be 100# gloss text. The sheets of paper inside will print on the same stock.

Booklets with Cover Stock
  If you select this option, we will print the sheet that will function as the cover in a cover stock.

  • A cover stock is a thicker, more rigid stock. The stock to be used in the  covers is definitely different than the stock used for the pages inside of the booklet. 

Product Restrictions: 8-page in the size of 8.5"x11" booklets are not offered with hard covers

What is UV Coating:?
 It is a transparent varnish that is applied on top of the printing. 

  • What does UV Coating look like?:  It is looks extreamly shiny on the piece. It looks awesome. You will need a Sharpie type of market to write on top of it.

What is Aqueous Coating?
t is a transparent varnish applied on top of the printing but not as shiny as UV.
Pens can write on top of this coating.

What is Production Time: Production time is the time that it takes us to have your job ready at our premises.

How to count production days? Production days are the number of days required to manufacture your order.  Weekends and Federal holidays do not count, so production time is counted during business days only.

Tasks that must be complete BEFORE time starts to count

  1. Color Copies USA approves the order that you have placed
  2. You (the client) have approved a digital proof that will be sent to you by email

When does the count  of days start?  When these stages are complete:

  • The following business day after all the approvals are finalized

Questions & Answers
1 -If I need the booklets in-hand on a specific day what should I select?

Keep in mind that there will be days that should not be counted.
To be sure that you place the order so that you receive your order in time, it is a good idea to give us a call to 1-877-421-0668 and check with our team.

2 - If the order takes longer than I (client) thought, can I return the order?
Printing booklets in lanscape form requires the use of larger equipment and more complex processes. Once the order is placed and proofs approved, the order cannot be cancelled, and no refunds will be issued.


When the job is ready you might choose to pick it up or have us ship it to you. The time involved in the shipping process is not considered in this option. 


This product requires an explicit approval before production time starts.

Keep in mind that checking the files that you submit, preparing proofs and sending them to you are processes that could take a bit of time.

Approval time is not part of production time.

If you require your order in-hand on a specific day, please call our team at 1-877-421-0668 (Eastern time hours) to make sure that we can actually fulfill the order under your time constraints.

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