About Spot UV Business Cards: Spot UV business cards stand out  because the glossy varnish, UV, is applied just in limited areas of the business cards.

What is special about Spot UV?
There is a beautiful contrast between the substrate and the area where the UV varnish has been applied.
- There is a contrast in brightness
- The colors in the area where the varnish has been applied look more vibrant

When to use Spot UV:
A business card is a small piece of communication. When it has spot UV, from a communicatiosns point of view, you are calling attention towards certain areas of the card. In other words, you are "directing" your clients or prospects, to look specifically at certain areas.
So there are two reasons: one is purely aesthetic, and the other one is to drive attention.

Impact of Spot UV in the eyes of your prospects or clients:
They say first impressions are the most lasting. Business cards when done right can make that initial meeting most memorable. They are a physical record that your potential client will take with them to be reminded of you, your brand, and your message. Even in our digital age business cards are still an essential tool that helps remind someone who you are and what you have to offer. Simply swapping contact information digitally can seem impersonal and without forethought. Using a business card will allow you to maintain eye contact and engage in real conversation rather than having your head buried in your phone. Handing out a business card that is eye-catching and professional will also help guarantee that your card will stay in their wallet instead of being thrown on a pile in the desk drawer. Creating a unique and memorable business card will encourage someone to want to share it with others. This will put you in the minds of potential clients you haven’t even met!

File preparation for business cards with spot UV:
Besides the regular CMYK file with cut marks and bleed, there should be a second file. This other file should be a vector file that registers with the first one.
That file will have either blak 100% (K=100%) or K=0. No half tones, no other colors. 
Where the black areas are, UV will be applied. 
ColorCopiesUSA's graphic design services can create thos additional files for you if you need that service.

With today’s technology, the only limit to the design and creation of a business card is your imagination. The options for types of paper stocks and colors are limitless. Not only paper though, you can have them made out of metal, plastic, wood, and PVC to name a few. Custom die-cut into various shapes is a popular choice as is embossing or debossing them with your contact information. You can add a special coating like spot UV, metallic inks, or colored foil. Give us a call to help you through the various options that best suit your businesses needs so we can help you make that first great impression!


  • Most common size is 3.5”x2”
  • Matt paper with spot UV
  • Unlimited material options
  • Custom die-cut to any shape
  • Quick turnaround times


  • Makes a great first impression
  • Easy brand recognition and retention
  • Negligible per unit cost
  • 100% customizable

GRAPHIC DESIGN TIPS - click Here to view tips and requirements for the graphic design of your business card

Price Calculator

Regular Price$ 60.00

There are two available base stocks offered for this item:
Writing: The type of finishing permits writing. Writing is difficult on top of the areas that got spot UV.

#1 - 14 Point Matte Finish: This is the stock that is used to print. The spot UV goes on top of this matte substrate

#2 - Thicker 16 Point Matte Finish: This is the stock that is used to print. The spot UV goes on top of this matte substrate

Most of our clients order business cards printed on both sides.

Sometimes there are location maps on the back, and other times there is room to write, take notes, or indicate the next appointment.

If you need to write on the back of the card, (or on the front) we suggest that you specifically leave one side without UV  (use a different selector to indicate so).

If you upload one side only in your files, but you indicate that you want double side, we will print the same information on both sides

 Both Sides
One Side
Both Sides

Preparation of files for spot UV printing:  Two (2)  files are required per side where spot UV is applied

1st File:  A regular CMYK (full color) file, with cut marks and bleed, as for any other print

2nd File:  A file that indicates where to apply the spot UV. This second file should be a vector file and the areas that have 100% black color will receive spot UV application. No grays nor transitions. Colors are either white or black K=100% - Cut marks for registration must match the previous file.

4 round corners 1/42 round corners 1/42 round corners 1/4
Rectangular / Straight Cut
4 round corners 1/4"
2 round corners 1/4" - top-bottom
2 round corners 1/4" - bottom-top

The manufacturing  process for this product requires several steps, therefore we do not offer an expedited option.

Production Time: Production time starts when you submit all the files for printing and spot UV, those are approved by our artwork department. It takes up to 5-6 business days to produce.

Production schedules permitting we will be ready to ship ahead of time. If we can do so, we will certainly ship ahead of the listed time.

Shipping time, if necessary is additional to the production time

Thanks for your understanding

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