Spiral Binding for Manual, Reports, Planners, Notepads and more

What is a SPIRAL BOUND book, or report, or planner?

When a multipage-page document needs to be kept together, with integrity but still be easy to go through it, spiral binding (which is also known as coil binding because of the shape of the binding element) are a great option. It is a way in which multiple pages and covers can be kept joining together.


The way in which the document is held together is through a durable plastic spiral or coil that is inserted through holes that are drilled on the document. The spiraled plastic that looks pretty much like a coil join the pages as an assembled group.

The main advantages of spiral binding are as follows

  • Full view of the document: Spiral binding allows the elements included in the assembly such as sheets, separators, copies, charts, etc inside the grouped document to open freely. The pages can be flipped completely around the spiral in full 360 rotation.
  • Ease to turn pages without further holding them: The pages turn easily and stay at the position. Unlike other methods of binding such as book binding, spiral binding gathers the document together but each component of the assembly is still independent.
  • Color for Spirals: using different spiral colors helps to keep bound books together by color-coding the spiral.
  • Page Counts: This binding method is appropriate for low-page-counts as card card-body as for high-page-counts. Because the coil used in spiral binding is available in multiple sizes

As a guide please acknowledge that the following coils are available and the number of thin-sheets that each can accommodate:

Coil Diameter

















Sheet Capacity*

















The picture shows a representation of different sizes in which the coil used for spiral binding is available. The diameter of the coil is expressed in millimeters and the number of 20# sheets that can be bound with that specific spiral are shown as card card-body.

Representation of the different sizes of coil available. The image is not in perfect scale but just illustrates the concept. The approximate number of 20# paper sheets that bound with any given coil. Notice that the diameter of this specific carousel-item is measured in millimeters as opposed to inches, following a world standard for them.

Gets your document card card-body organized with Index Tabs and group dividers:

Index tabs are available in different styles:

  • Index tabs can be made on custom stock

  • Set divider tabs in custom sizes

  • Many colors available through Maylar protection

  • The binding edge can be reinforced for durability

  • The sheets can be custom punched, perforated or drilled as necessary

  • Index sheets and dividers can be easily inserted in the right portion of the document making the navigation and finding of information easy and effortlessly
    The picture shows an assortment of index tabs. Some are shorter, longer and in different colors. Some got protection through the application of a strong plastic, Maylar.

    Assortment of index tabs in different sizes, colors and finishing. The colored ones have a Mylar (strong plastic) proteccion.
    The following pictures will describe the carousel-item better than words.
    The picture shows a number of white sheets grouped and assembled together throught the use of coil to obtain a piece that is spiral bound. In order to be able to insert a coil, it is necessary to drill holes through which the coil is threaded.
    Picture of white sheets assembled through the use of coil to create a spiral bound document. Notice the drilled holes that allow us to thread the coil to create one single assembly unit

Question: Which products can I use spiral binding for?

Answer: There are many instances where spiral binding is the best option to get documents bound

  • Music sheets
  • Presentation notes for keynote speakers
  • Attendees handouts at seminars and conferences
  • Notebooks and Notepads
  • Inventory control record-taking
  • Phone call reports
  • To-do lists
  • Training Manuals
  • Educational use for teaching, learning and evaluation
  • Personal diaries
  • Taking notes at corporate meetings.


Price Calculator

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Choose the paper on which the book will be printed on. There are two scenarios and you will be the one to decide what your book should look like when it is finished.

1 - If you want All Pages (sheets) will be printed on the same paper: Whichever stock you select in this option will be the stock used on every single page (sheet)

2 - If you want cover stock printed covers, A couple of lines down you will be able to determine if there are any hard covers in your book. If you choose "yes" for that option, you will have the opportunity to select the stock for the covers at the time. Your selection for this particular question will affect all of the inside of the book.

About Covers in Coil - Spiral bound books.

If either the FIRST SHEET of the book or the LAST SHEET require a stock that is different than the one selected for the rest of the book, here is the place to indicate that information.


  1. If your book will have a clear plastic finishing and a black vinyl back cover, you might skip the selection of  thicker covers.
  2. If you are not planning to add a clear plastic or black back plastic finishing, it is strongly adviced to have the first and last sheet made out a thicker stock. That cover will be more difficult to tear away and the overall life span of the book will be longer. 
    • There are a number of options listed being the most resistant made with a synthetic stock

If you have questions about which options will work better for your project, please give us a call at 1-877-421-0668. We work Eastern Time Hours. You can also drop an email to info@ColorCopiesUSA.com


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Options explained:

1 - No Further Proof . If you select this option, our pre-press team will use your file as provided. Unless we notice any issues that would create concern, your order will be processed. Once you upload the file, (depending on the file format that yuou are uploading) you will be able to see a soft proof of the sheets to make sure that the file that you are uploading is correct.

2 - Digital Proof: Depending on the job, we might use different ways of communicating with you and showing you what the flow of the book will be. In any case, through email we will both make sure that everything is in the right place

3 - Printed Unbound Proof: We will print a single copy of your job and mail it to you. We won't make it a book, so no coil will bind the book

4 - This is almost a full production piece, since we will print all of the pages in the document and send it by mail or courier for your review.

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